Vivian – RTT & ISET

Over the years, I have tried a variety of therapies to help in my healing from childhood trauma and associated experiences of anxiety. Years of talk therapy could never achieve what I was able to gain through the RTT and ISET hypnotherapy sessions I had with Valerie. I’ve had a profound shift in my life and have a greater sense of peace and freedom with my past and ease in my body and mind today. There’s no doubt that RTT and ISET are powerful therapies; however, I believe what made them most effective was the loving, compassionate, and attentive space that Valerie held for me, which enabled me to feel trust and safety to heal. I couldn’t recommend Valerie enough for these reasons.

Coral East – RTT

I have found RTT to be a really worthwhile therapy tool, and I feel more confident and less anxious in my everyday life. I now have more trust in my judgements and am less emotionally reactive in both the workplace and in my personal life. I also feel that I am now more patient. Valerie provided a very safe space and was empathetic and understanding of my life journey and goals. It is great to know that she is there for me if I need further support down the track, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reset learned coping behaviours and negative mindsets.

Wendy Gaughan – RTT

I chose Valerie from a list of RTT therapists because there was something about the way she looked, kind and caring & reading all the many positive reviews! And I wasn’t wrong. I am on journey of self-improvement & decided to try RTT after watching & following Marisa Peer. I have always been a shy insecure & fearful person my whole life constantly suffering with allergies with no confidence in myself. I have realized I could change and RTT was my path to change.  My RTT session with Valerie was the start of my transformational journey. She was kind and gentle & gave me so much hope that I could change. If anyone is thinking on making a positive change to their life I would highly recommend Valerie. Give RTT with Valerie a try and I can honestly say you wont look back! I haven’t & couldn’t be more thankful for her continued guidance and support.

Aleesha Williams – Hypnotherapy

My experience with Valerie has been nothing but positive and empowering. I went to Valerie to seek help with anxiety and fears. She has been so supportive towards me and has shown empathy and understanding towards my situation. This experience has left me feeling extremely empowered and less anxious while also leading me to be looking forward to events I was once really nervous about. I highly recommend Restore Your Mind Hypnotherapy.

Chris Atmazidis – Hypnotherapy

Valerie is amazing!
I have struggled to lose weight due to my sweet tooth and it was only getting worse the older I got.
I was sick of the yo-yo diets and tablets that never worked long term. After 2 sessions with Valerie, the hypnotherapy has made it so easy to resist the temptation to eat sweets. I no longer have the cravings and I can go out for dinner and not even look at the dessert menu!!!
No dieting, just no sweets thanks to Valerie and I’m already noticing that my clothes are fitting so much better.
Can’t recommend Valerie enough!

A.L. – South Melbourne – RTT & ISET

I went to book a massage and found Valerie McLeod’s card at Wind Water Health in South Melbourne. I am so glad I did. I needed help to overcome anxiety and other issues. Finding and reaching out to Valerie has positively impacted my mental health and general wellbeing.

Valerie is gentle, empathetic and very effective in what she does. Through her Integrated Empowerment Therapy I have learnt to overcome and manage anxiety and other issues.

Sessions with Valerie have helped me tap into feelings of happiness and inner joy, confidence and calm. I thoroughly recommend Valerie as an experienced and caring therapist. Sessions with her are relaxing and life affirming, bringing many benefits for mind, body and spirit.

Rachael – Hobart Therapist – RTT & ISET

I sought RTT to assist me to address a reoccurring pattern that had been negatively affecting my health on and off for years. Having had hypnotherapy previously, I knew that with the right therapist it could be an incredibly illuminating and transformative process – and it was!
From the moment I first spoke with Valerie, I felt like she cared and genuinely wanted to help me. During our initial RTT session Valerie immediately put me at ease with her kind and friendly nature. Valerie explained the process in more detail and made sure I was comfortable and aware of what we would be doing during the session. Throughout the session I felt completely safe in Valerie’s very capable and skilled hands.
Following our initial appointment Valerie kept in touch to see how I was going. I undertook 2 further sessions with Valerie using the ISET modality. I found the ISET approach to be gentle and incredibly insightful.
During my time working with Valerie, I was able to uncover the root cause of my health challenges. I would highly recommend working with Valerie to anyone who is considering undertaking RTT or ISET.

Olivia – ISET and Hypnotherapy

I decided to book in with Valerie as I was ready to make a change in my life and overcome my anxiety for good. My social anxiety was consuming every part of my life and holding me back from living my everyday life. My brain was constantly overthinking everything.

Previously I had tried psychologists, but this never got to the root cause of my problem which working with Valerie I learnt had originated in my childhood.

Valerie made me feel comfortable straight away and I felt like I put my complete trust in her. Her warmth and friendliness made me feel completely at ease.

Valerie has completely changed my life and her constant support is something I am forever thankful for. I now feel at peace with who I am as a person.

I could not recommend Valerie enough if you are ready and willing to put in the work to overcome whatever you may be facing. I know that I will always be able to call Valerie with whatever may arise.

Tanya – ISET

My experience working with Valerie was deeply healing and empowering.  I came to Valerie with a problem of deep sadness that I have had for many years. Over years, the sadness would go and come unexpectedly at different times in my life. I would normally cope but this time, the feeling was intense, and I wasn’t able to shake it off or let it go. It started affecting my work and my daily functioning.

In the session, I was able to look within myself and clearly see the factors that were creating sadness. My body and my emotions were off balance, and I was craving comfort and self-care, something I thought I was giving myself, but in fact, I was abandoned. This realization was immense. In the session, Valerie guided me into my metaphysical house. Being in this house, gave me a deep and honest understanding of where I am in terms of self-care. Valerie led me to see how my body was communicating with me about its needs. It was truly mind-blowing, it was very visual for me, as I looked at the state of my body. It was greatly empowering to re-establish the connection and start taking care of my body there and then. This started happening in the session under Valerie’s empathetic and skillful guidance.

I was a bit drained after the session, which is to be expected, considering the amount of work done. But the feeling of sadness completely dissipated within a couple of days post-session. I got such an incredible result, exactly what I needed. The sadness was about lack of self-care and was in essence a kind of self-abandonment. My bodily systems crave care and love, and this is exactly what I strive to give to them every day. As a result, I feel happier, I changed my eating habits and exercise habits, and even my emotional habits are so much healthier. I have no interest in stressing out or overthinking because it’s just a waste of my resources.  I love listening to my body and doing what’s best for it, so it feels loved and cared for, so we can be best partners in the work I choose to do.

Thank you, Valerie, you cannot put a price on this amazing transformation.

E from Vermont – RTT and ISET

Before my sessions with Valerie, my phobia of dogs caused me much anxiety and panic.  I could not remember a time when this irrational fear was not a part of my life.  I would avoid and even dread situations or outings where I knew dogs may be present.  I often felt lonely and isolated.  This led to a belief that I was not “normal”.  How could I be so frightened by something that everyone seemed to love?

From the first session, Valerie created a safe and comfortable environment where I felt supported and encouraged to explore where my fear stemmed from, through reviewing significant scenes from my childhood and beyond.  The sessions where guided by me and what I needed.  It was always a very gentle approach, not too confronting or overwhelming.

With every session, I gained more insight in to why I had this fear and how it impacted my life and choices.  With Valerie’s help and guidance, I worked on changing my beliefs and habits. I started enjoying outings with family and friends with dogs.  It is such a relief to be out and about without having to be on the look out in case a dog is approaching.  I was taught coping mechanisms for when panic set in.  It is such a comfort to know that Valerie is only a phone call away.  I am still working on my new beliefs and forming new habits.

Thank you so much Valerie for all your guidance and support.

Luke M – RTT

My decision to book with Valerie was a simple one for me. When we first meet, I had a huge connection anyway, so natural. We got chatting as I’ve been exploring this world of work over the last year or so. I like to believe I have a very open mind in general, so for me this was an exciting opportunity to explore something new and was feeling very stuck in my life at that current moment and I needed some answers, and honestly after my first session I could see and feel such a difference within myself. During the whole experience of my session, Valerie supported me in every way. She made me feel very safe and supported that I could open up quite easily to her which helped me explore the things I needs to explore. I also felt the session was completely on my terms as in how fast or slow we could go, I never felt like I was being rushed or forced in anyway. It was nice to be given so much support during some work like this. The next day I started noticing I was changing words in my journal to be more positive words.

My session was mostly about confidence and self-love. I have only felt this more and more as the days go on. Since using Valerie’s skills my future feels and looks so exciting no matter what is going to happen because it has given me so much self-strength and confidence within myself. I was also able to address some childhood trauma face on and address some things I didn’t even know needed addressing. Which has given me a huge sense of relief and peace within myself. I also felt this throughout my body during the first session as well. The self-work I’ve been exploring since my session has been down to the treatment itself, it’s been quite profound for me. I feel so much more confident and stronger than before. It was as if I made peace with myself on my first session and I’ve been able to move forward now

Thank you Valerie, I will be spreading Valerie’s name on my journey now and I will also always encourage anyone in the self-development field to explore this type of therapy. It will honestly help you get to the root of your suffering and clear up some space for you to grow even more.

Ste – Glenroy – ISET

Hi Valerie

I am writing in regards to the review of the 3 sessions of ISET.

I have tried many therapy sessions by credible therapists but found that mere speaking about the issues I was having which addressed an existing abusive situation that had been an issue for many years but at a deeper level stemmed from my childhood, I can have the sympathetic ear of the therapist but unfortunately it felt I could not get to the crux of the issues.

This is when I was introduced to Valerie and the ISET program. I was introduced to Valerie who I found kind-hearted and intuitive who had experience in the issues I was experiencing which is a rare commodity in the therapeutic circles.

Right from the beginning I was put at ease from her calm, compassionate nature and was taken through step by step on the principles of ISET and how it differed from normal therapeutic practices. In that first session alone what I experienced was nothing short of life changing and the ISET processes allowed me to peel away all the exterior defensive layers and get to the heart of the issues with no option to recoil or hide from as I knew the only way to truly heal is face and overcome what was hindering my progression and bring clarity to my confusion.

I made a conscious decision to participate in 3 sessions and with Valerie’s gentle guidance and support each step of the way I was able to come to a clear understanding of my situation but importantly why I stayed for so long. Bringing forgiveness to others around me but most importantly to myself.

As stated from the beginning I had been with 3 separate therapists over a long period and always left frustrated and even more confused. Valerie and the ISET sessions opened my eyes and gave me much needed understanding, clarity and purpose to move forward with strength and optimism of a new future.

I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone who is fed up of living in a trapped existence, to people who feel they have lost or given away their power to, people who are undeserving. Those who are mentally struggling day by day to have the courage to register for an ISET session to work on themselves at a deeper level and finally find peace of mind and return the power to the most important person which is themselves.

Thank you Valerie for all your help and guidance

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